What is the parktronik and what is it for?

Parking sensors measure the distance when car parking to the nearest obstacle, simultaneously displaying on the screen the distance and beeping.

Especially it is indispensable in bad weather and at night.


Installation of parking sensors pays savings on bumper repair, because when you use the sensor parking, the risk of bumper damage is reduced to zero.

Typically, 2-3-4 sensors are installed in the rear bumper, and in the front bumper one can put two or four.
Display (monitor) can be installed in any convenient location for the driver.

For correct readings, the sensors should be placed vertically (relative to the ground) at a distance of 50 – 60cm.

Some indicators are equipped with beepers (they give a beep on the approach to the obstacle: the closer the obstacle, the more shrill the signal), a digital scale (recorded distance in centimeters and location of obstacles).