Tire quality is your safety

Tire quality is your safety.

You shouldn’t forget that your car has tires. If left unattended, they cause many cases of accident. Even if you buy a new car you must to look very carefully at its tires. They must be qualitative, as your life depends directly on them.

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The car manufacturer always indicates, which tires are better for the certain car. All the tires must be equal, as it provides better adhesion. Sometimes the manufacturers can have a different opinion (for example, buy the different tires for the front and rear wheels. In that case, you should listen to the car creator.

The tires can be diagonal and radial, tube-type and tubeless. The radial ones will help you to save fuel, as they have a higher rolling resistance. The car moves softly, its is easier to drive, and the tires can serve much longer. Their only flaw is that they’re is ill-equipped for the bad roads, i.e. they are intolerant to mechanical impact. They should be used only on highways.