The autopilot drives are more safe than human.

Autopilot, developed by Tesla Motors, drives the car twice safer than the average driver.

 autopilot drives areThe company Tesla conducted vehicle test analysis, equipped with autopilot, during which it became clear that even the very first version of the autopilot drives neater than a living person. The level of driving accuracy was deducted for deployment, comparison with the distance traveled. Autopilot has proved excellent 2006 honda pilot headlight assembly, and its performance significantly exceeded the level of care of a living person.

Autopilot of company Tesla is able to move independently on the band to pick up speed, to perform braking, keep the distance, park and readjust the direction of travel. 12 ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radar are used, which read information about the surrounding area for a work of the autopilot. The latest achievement in the development of the autopilot Tesla was the function of calling the car out of the garage with a mobile application. In the company they believe that in 2 years they will be able to create completely autonomous, safe car with a self-managed.