Repair and maintenance Starters and generators

Every detail and component of your car has its own resource of work. If you bought a new car, the official dealer has to watch the resource of every part during the whole period of guarantee. But if you choose the used vehicle, you are personally responsible for its technical condition. If you don’t make timely repair of the worn details and components, your expenses will increase exponentially. All the above also applies to the starters and generators.

repair Starters and generators

Speaking of resource of starters and generators, it is approximately 120 000 km, or 3-5 years of use. Of course, we don’t consider critical situations, when the car runs more than 150 000 km a year. The relatively short service life of starters and generators suggests that they work in harsh conditions.

Other weaknesses of starter include bendix, planetary mechanisms and the brushes, retracting the relay. As for the generators, you should pay close attention to the bearings, brushes and voltage regulators. Therefore it is better to timely consult the specialists, engaged in the repair and maintenance of generators and starters, then overpay for the full replacement of these important car components in future.