Is it possible to mix different motor oils?

Inexperienced motorists during the first engine oil change may think that by mixing the oils of the same level of performance properties, for example, API SL / CF with SL / CF, or A3 / B3, A3 / B3, they will get an oil of the same category. In reality, there is no data that is reliably confirmed it. Incompatibility of motor oils may manifest itself either in the loss of additives or in substantial modification of the basic properties of oils. Both can lead to negative consequences for the engine. The best preventive action is the acquisition of liter cans of oil in the topping.

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If you still need top-up results in “analogue” search in the absence of the original product, you must follow these rules:

  • select a product with the same viscosity class by SAE (e.g., in SAE 5w-40 refill SAE 5w-40 oil);
  • with the same performance level on ARІ and (or) ACEA (SM / CF with SM / CF; A5 / B5 with A5 / B5);
  • be sure to take into account the presence of other automakers requirements (eg, MW 229.5; VW 504.00 / 507.00; BMW LL-01).