Diagnosing Alternator Problems

There is no alternator problem. We just replace the owner I didn’t get the video on the alternator replacement. But. It’s pretty self explaining. Are you had is just take those off there’s 3 bolts holding it in. You got your plug in and you get your power wire on the back. This video is about the power away our power wire on the back. The on these Cadillacs. That wire on the back is all names they’ve it runs directly to the starter.
alternator diagnistic
And it has usable wink inside of the wire. Which if I can get it just right you’ll be able to see. Yes. Of you can see. It will. The little box. You see the 2 notes on both ends. That is the view http://mussonmedia.com/ alternator diagnosing . Global wink on these Cadillacs. And the thing about it is you can not. Just replace the city’s willing cuter place though line. In order to do that you to take one off the starter and take one off of the elevator on the back of it it’s pretty simple. The. Sports placing it I’m not gonna make a video on replacing it unless.

I need to. But that is the fusible link right there you see it blackened square. That is the problem away you can test this. Is by using a test flight. You can use a test light on this the bill to the one go on the far side of the he’s going there Seve it turns the light on they go to the other side. Do it if it does not turn the light on. You have a bad fusible. Link right there herb of that’s all for this video hope you enjoyed it like subscribe comment. That you want to see a video on how to do it. Then. Just. Comment on this video saying you wanna see and I will shoot that video out I’ll make it. But have a good day girls man. Describe much channel can thank you.