Chrysler 300C review car

Hi ya just don’t make little video for y’all today we’re going to review this call or. Minna brand new. I slur 300 C 4 door sedan. It does have the 3.6. Leader pentastar V6 Corvette motor in it. Which is good for some around. Just under 300 horsepower I mean you can’t really tale. Because this car is a. Weighs about the same as an Abrams battle tank but it does move out okay once you get it going. This car will not to burn out. That’s something we found out earlier it is one of few chords in a certain category that will push the front tires while Iraq bill without doing burnouts that’s pretty impressive. Agressive new Chrysler 300 srt8 headlights. Let’s see here fear. Feature last you heard radio air radios pretty good it’s got that alpine Clinton, Leann. You know when it will. Did not slow soundstage in here got some large mouth bass. Hi hats and Travel in one month. Well one thing I do lock batter is this. Sunroof bass appear, Would’ve well that’s pretty neat, And I found a pretty cool feature appear.

Chrysler 300CIf you get hungry own you drive. We’ve got a little Ndong that. That’ll that’ll help with that. See that. See this match made up here. It catches all kinds of boats and stuff as you drive along right here. So if you’re hungry needle protein you just reach up And grab. It’s a little snag. While you’re driving. I am a professional driver owner closed course so I don’t I don’t expect you’ll be able to. To do what I do here, And we’ve got prefer a full professional. Videographer grew with me today. Do you see them because they’re professionals on their. There I sat So all, in all it’s a pretty good triggers a little taller. I’ve been driving the Dow shit out of her and John of your great debtor Nazis get about.

Well about 20 almost 25 miles a gallon. So that it too bad you know. Give her the blue every chance we get. There we go. You know there. V6 corvette motor could do that 10 years ago. That new review technology today like Mercedes Benz for that. It was all. I don’t know what else what else to tell you about this car got national clock right down right down. Made John. I hope you all enjoy it band maybe they’ll be apart tape. So you back.