Carburetor Repair: some tips

Carburetor Repair: some tips

Repair of carburetor requires a lot of knowledge and a maximum concentration. It is necessary to work very carefully, because the Carburetor Repaircarburetor is full of “delicate” parts. Let’s look at the most common faults and how to overcome them.

With strainer can happen two problems – it breaks down or clog. To find out for sure, you need to unscrew the cap of the fuel filter and remove the most strainer.
Ordinary starting device, in case of contamination or simply for the prophylaxis may be washed with acetone or a conventional gasoline.

Detect location of air

Integrity violations occur in the exhaust and intake pipes, throttle body or carburetor joints parts. Detect location of air leaks is possible by means of soapsuds.
If the accelerator pump that is broken, you only need to change it. The details of this mechanism are not subject to repair. Defective pump can be blown or washed in gasoline. It is also necessary to check are the arms and parts of the diaphragm move freely or not.

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