Batteries on an alternative drive vehicles.

Batteries for vehicles with alternative drive are very different from our familiar lead acid battery. It is due to the fact that the lead battery is designed primarily for engine start-up and to maintain the health limited number of electrical components in the moment when the internal combustion engine is switched off. It is quite another thing, if you need to use the battery in a hybrid car, in order to maintain fuel cells or as a sole source of electric power. If you are looking for a battery with an alternative drive or lead one, among the domestic production will be the best option ISTA battery, the price of which will be capable to everyone.


Depending on the battery function in the car there are different requirements:

  • in hybrid car battery should provide a high power;
  • in a vehicle with fuel cell battery with sufficient average power and average storage capacity is enough;
  • electric car battery must have a high storage capacity.